Cairo Museum Thefts

Zahi Hawass has just admitted that his previous claims that nothing was stolen from the Egyptian Museum were ... optimistic - or bull, depending on where one stands on his pro-Mubarak politics. The timing of the admission, soon after the departure of President Mubarak, a man Dr Hawass took to defending on various international news programmes, is also suspicious ... I'll keep updating this post as more information comes in, and it wouldn't surprise me if another list of missing pieces were released soon.

Sad News | drhawass.com - Zahi Hawass

1. Gilded wood statue of Tutankhamun being carried by a goddess (Photo: Griffith Institute)

2. Gilded wood statue of Tutankhamun harpooning. Only the torso and upper limbs of the king are missing (Photo: Griffith Institute)

3. Limestone statue of Akhenaten holding an offering table (first photo at top of post, in colour)

4. Statue of Nefertiti making offerings (I could only find this relief that matched the iconography in the description, not a statue ...)

5. Sandstone head of an Amarna princess (I found this description a little general, but in Egyptologist for Egypt on Facebook they've posted the photo above, although there were several on display so we're not sure which one is missing)

6. Stone statuette of a scribe from Amarna (In Egyptologist for Egypt on Facebook they've identified the piece as in the photo above)

7. Wooden shabti statuettes from Yuya (11 pieces - I've added a photo of one Shabti figure above, and the group display from the museum: all but one of the ones found in his tomb were "text from Chapter Six of TheShabtis.jpg (34479 bytes) Book of the Dead" - photos from here )

8. Heart Scarab of Yuya (shown below - it's described here, the source of the photo, as "a blue-glass/green feldspar heart scarab, originally carved for a man and subsequently reinscribed for Tuyu (CG 51164)")

Photos of some items are available on his blog, and I've included them in this post, and will keep updating it as items are identified. Better colour photos of some of the images have been added to Margaret Maitland's blog here.

In addition the store house at the Royal Necropolis at Dahshur was broken into, he admits. Update - I was expressing cynicism on Facebook at the De Morgan magazine was looted last night, as Hawass claims, and lo and behold ... someone posted a comment here on the 8th February about it having been looted http://egyptopaedia.com/2011/pyramid-fields/dashur#comment-101


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  2. This material is so well known that it cannot be easily saleable. I hope that does not mean it will be destroyed, but that unfortunately is a possibility. Also, it would not seem this material could be moved easily without transport. Does that suggest an inside job? You may have not caught this, but Human Rights Watch alleged the looters were off duty police.

  3. It looks like some effort would be required to carry that lot off.

    Quote from source below:
    "The Egyptian Museum in Cairo has been looted - by its own guards.
    This is partly because of low wages, says the former museum director Wafaa el-Saddik"


    February 12, 2011 11:05 PM

  4. @Ozmo, all that are fully identified seem to be quite small pieces, and some were broken off -- presumably to fit more conveniently in a recipient; perhaps a bag (marked 'swag') so they could take the stuff away quite easily.

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