MGM Resorts Targets New Norman Foster Hotel For Demolition

CITYCENTER DEVELOPMENT: MGM Resorts targets Harmon Hotel for demolition - Business - ReviewJournal.com

Is it my imagination, or does Norman Foster have a heck of a lot of issues with his buildings considering he's meant to be such a well regarded architect?

The Gerkin, Wembley Stadium, the Great Court at the British Museum, the Millenium Bridge, all in London, all had some serious issues, and ... it was always the contractor's fault!

The same goes for another architect, Richard Rogers, who seems to be constantly being let down by the contractors ... from the Pompidou Centre to ....

It was so much simpler in those good old days of ancient Greece when the architect and contractors worked together, and the job of the architect was to actually make sure the structure was built rather than to merely 'design' it on paper!

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