Mark Antony Answers Proust Questionnaire

Yesterday we had Cleopatra, today her lover Antony - although I suspect that Antony would rather be known for his own achievements, rather than following in her wake ...

Once again we have Adrian Goldsworthy, one of the greatest military historians of our generation, answering on his behalf. Antony tends to get ignored by biographers in favour of his early mentor Caesar, or his glamorous lover Cleopatra, but Goldsworthy's biography brings him to life again. I love that not only did he partner with Cleopatra, but he also married Fulvia, another warrior woman - although neither took to the field, both raised armies and fought wars to further their ambitions. (If you're a male reading, do bear that in mind next time it's your wife's 'that' time of the month - she could be so much worse with an army at her beck and call ...).

Proust’s Questionnaire

1.      My Principal virtue is:
I am Marcus Antonius, descended from Hercules and like him.  I am brave, virile and a leader.
2.      The qualities a man should have are:
Courage, athleticism, good birth and style.
3.      The qualities a woman should have are:
Wit and willingness
4.      What I appreciate most about my friends is:
5.      My main fault is:
Excessive generosity
6.      My favourite thing to do is:
Enjoy myself
7.      My idea of happiness is:
Drinking and making love - or making love and drinking.
8.      My idea of misery is:
Listening to Cicero
9.      If not myself, I would like to be ...
Maybe Caesar.  He had a pretty good time, but he was too soft.
10.  The country I’d like to live in is:
I like Athens, and I like Alexanndria, but Rome is always Rome
11.  My favourite hero in fiction or myth is:
My ancestor, Hercules - or perhaps the Free Father, Dionysius.

12.  The character from history I despise the most is:
Marius, for killing my grandfather.

13.  What I hate the most is:
14.  The military event that I admire most is:
Alexander's conquests.

15.  The gift of nature that I would like to have is:
To stay forever in my prime.
16.  This is how I’d like to die:
In a fitting way for a Roman and an Antonius.  Not for a while though, hopefully ... .
17.  My present state of mind is:

To read more about Antony - and his partner Cleopatra - read Adrian Goldsworthy's brilliant double biography:

Antony and Cleopatra- Amazon.com
Antony and Cleopatra - Kindle Edition (US)

Antony and Cleopatra- Amazon.co.uk

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