If You Are What You Eat ...

Based on a quick comparison of Nigella Lawson (50 years, 11 months) and Gillian McKeith (51 years, 2 months), two food gurus currently on TV in the UK ...

Gillian McKeith, advocate of various eccentric diets she's designed herself since acquiring a correspondence course 'PhD' currently looks like this:

Whilst Nigella Lawson, without McKeith's advantage of a 'degree' in nutrition bought from a dubious US college not recognised by the American Department of Education, looks like this:

Okay, maybe I'm being a bit unfair, as McKeith is in a 'jungle' and a whole three months older than Nigella. And just because McKeith likes to get her lawyer to threaten to sue me, I'm going to go out of my way to be as fair as possible to her. So here are some photos of her taken in 2008, when she was younger than Nigella is now, eating her own 'diet' not that imposed by a jungle, and wearing make-up etc ... The first one was a promo shot for her 2008 diet book!


So if you are what you eat ... I'm tucking into chocolate!


  1. doesnt Nigella have quite a bit of money? perhaps she has enjoyed some surgical enhancement.

  2. Nope - I lived next to Nigella Lawson for a number of years, and see her in the neighbourhood every once in a while, and she looks surgery free to me. That's part of her charm

  3. Frankly they both look as awful as each other.


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