DoggieDiva: Return to Lily's Kitchen Diner

I've already blogged about the wonderful Lily's Kitchen Diner, a pop-up dog restaurant in London.

Dorothy King's PhDiva: DoggieDiva: Lily's Kitchen Diner, London

Yup, we went back. Partly because I thought it would be fun to experience it with multiple dogs (both big and small managed to pinch Ellie's dinner sample), but mostly because Ellie loves the food so I wanted to pick up some more.

Ellie is a bit of a fussy eater - we used to joke that she eats everything except dog food ... but we've finally found a dog food she loves, and it's the organic brand named Lily's Kitchen, available at all good pet shops. It costs a little more than supermarket brands, and is comparable in price to vet sold brands, but because there is so little waste it is actually more economical to buy.

It smells delicious and gets wolfed down - in fact, if there were a canine Michelin Guide, then Ellie would give it Three Woofs.

Photos of the return visit here.

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