DoggieDiva: Lily's Kitchen Diner, London

We read about London's first pop-up dog 'restaurant'  in the Telegraph (Pedigree Chum it certainly isn't) - which happens to be conveniently around the corner - so of course we had to visit ...

Yesterday morning might not have been a huge success (although Ellie does look cute in the photo) as I'd just fed Ellie a pound of minced beef. Luckily the sample of dry dog food they gave us went down a treat - she wolfed it down - so we went back today to test the wares properly.

It's run by Lily's Kitchen, an organic dog food company, and they are utterly charming. 

It's a brilliant idea, as it gets dogs to try the brand - and if they like it, their owners can buy the brand (we did). I'm not sure how I'd feel about a permanent doggie diner - I love my dog, but not that much! - although I also like Mutz Nutz pet shop in Notting Hill where dogs can sample different brands before buying (we've all bought food that gets left uneaten).

I've told all my friends, and even ended up chatting with random dog owners in the street about it, so I might as well blog it. It's was a dog's dinner - but in the best possible way! And the great thing, I discovered, was that organic offal does not smell so awful as the mass-produced kind around the house.

More photos of Ellie at Lily's Kitchen Diner can be found in my Facebook Album here.
(Ellie is wearing a fabulous Mascot collar from Max and Margot)

Lily's Kitchen Dinner on Facebook here. Photos of more cute dogs eating can be found here: Photo Gallery: Adorable doggies dig in at posh English diner

It's free, but you can buy Lily's Kitchen produce - and make a donation to the Dog's Trust.

Location: 30 Pimlico Road, London, United Kingdom, SW1
Mon - Sat: 10:00 - 18:00 Sun: 11:00 - 16:00

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  1. Thank you very much for the lovely words! Hope you can come back and visit again soon :)


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