A Buddhist Monastery in Afghanistan

A Chinese company mining for copper found a Buddhist monastery with some pretty spectacular sculptures.

They are being dated to the 7th century BC, but this is press fluff as, hmmm, the Buddha's life is rarely dated these days even as early as the 6th century BC, with most scholars now putting it in the 5th century BC ... In addition, when Buddhist art started, it was initially aniconic, and then the Buddha tended to be represented by symbols (such as a footprint) rather than depicted. Images of the Buddha begin to be created only around 100 BC. So I assume they mean the 7th century AD - which would still make it early and very interesting, as Buddhism pretty much died out in India soon after, and transferred to states to the north.

The temple complex is located at Mes Aynak, south of Kabul, and was spotted by archaeologists in the 60s but not excavated. Now the Chinese apparently wanted to blow it up, as it's in the way of their mine ... not surprisingly people are objecting!

Copper load of this! Company digging mine in Afghanistan unearths 2,600-year-old Buddhist monastery - Daily Mail

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