The Warburg Institute In Trouble - Again

The Warburg Institute is fighting for its life | The Art Newspaper

London University is causing problems for the Warburg again ...

This is the big that shocked me (my bold):
"In 2007 it squeezed the Warburg by raising its space charge by £500,000"
Not 'to' £500,000 but 'by' £500,000? This has to be a mistake, as even £500,000 a year in rent sounds excessive in terms of market rent for the area.

London University tried to in effect close down the Institute of Classical Studies by removing its library a few years ago. It's been tinkering with the Warburg, which is dying a death of a thousand budget cuts. And let's not forget that they managed to close down the Percival David Foundation, which once house one of the best collections of Chinese Ceramics anywhere in the world.

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