King Tut's Missing Penis, Crucifixion and Other News

King Tut's penis is missing. Yup. Apparently there is a conspiracy ... (how could I not open with this story!) On the trail of Tutankhamen's penis - New Scientist

There is also an new theory about how he died. Tutankhamen 'killed by sickle-cell disease' - New Scientist

I should be ignoring this story as it's so very very silly (and not in a good way):  

Jesus did not die on cross, says scholar - The Telegraph

But I feel I have to link to it, to say that he is wrong.

Crucifixion and 'suspension punishments' are the same thing ... and there are plenty of ancient sources for crucifixion, though as with everything in the ancient world one would like more. Jesus may not have been crucified on a cross, since T-shaped structures were more regularly used, but to say ... also, and I admit to being a little unclear about this, but didn't he not die in Christian theology (the Koran also says he didn't die on the cross).

After JC, the man we most associate with crucifixion is Spartacus. I highly recommend Barry Strauss' account of Spartacus  (The Spartacus War: The Revolt of the Gladiators - Amazon.co.uk or The Spartacus War - Amazon.com) and summarised some of his crucifixion info in this blog post The Spartacus War: Crucifixion. Or for more info, just click on my 'crucifixion' tag.

Harold Bluetooth's palace has been found in Denmark! Also known as Harold I, he was the tenth century king that erected the Jelling Stones to honor his parents: his father, Gorm the Old, was the first king of Denmark; and his mother Thyra was a pretty formidable woman, she led the Danish army to fight the Germans. Apparently Bluetooth the technology is names after him.
Archaeologists uncover Harald Bluetooth’s royal palace - The Copenhagen Post

I'm going to ignore "Plato's Code" - from academic lists I can see that it has some support, but ...

If you're interested in ancient farming, when everything was done by hand, then check out this: Scythe festival: Blades of glory - Telegraph

 I really want a pair of these new Addidas trainers .... Info here, via a lot of people and David Meadow. I kinda wish they'd done them in gold though, with white wings ...

This isn't anything archaeology related, but whenever I read about these sorts of 'freak' animals I think of ancient myths and depictions of fantastical beasts in art:  
Two-headed albino snake goes on display - Examiner (via David Meadows on Facebook).

Just outside Maastricht archaeologists have found a 17th century mass grave. What makes this one more unusual is that it contains 51 horses. Perfectly preserved: The 51 horse skeletons buried side-by-side in mass grave - Daily Mail

With this one the headline says it all. But I've read so many similar claims, which rarely produce anything ...  
Archaeologists begin dig on buried stone circle TEN times bigger than Stonehenge - Daily Mail

In Cultural Property news, two Canadian Teachers 'arrested for stealing Auschwitz memento' - The Telegraph

And for those interested in iconoclasm. First it was the Saddam statues that were taken down, now it's Stalin's ...

The Telegraph had a nice feature about the Birley family and their three generations of work at Vindolanda, a Roman fort on Hadrian's wall which has yielded amazing information about the Roman military including a fabulous cache of letters telling us about the daily life of soldiers.  
All roads lead to Vindolanda Roman Fort - The Telegraph