Quick Archaeology Round-Up

I've been posting stories mostly on Facebook as it's 'widget' makes it so easy to do so with just one click or two .... But here are a few of the more interesting Archaeology and Classics related stories of recent weeks.

Angelina Jolie may be playing Cleopatra in a new movie. And some people are upset that the role did not go to a black actress. Obviously, since Cleopatra was a Macedonian queen, descended from Greeks and part of a Dynasty that practised incest and inter-married, she was white. There was a Dynasty of black Nubian pharaohs, but the Egyptians themselves were not black either, just because Egypt is in Africa.

Adrian Goldworthy's new biography of Antony and Cleopatra is out next month, and can be pre-ordered via Amazon UK.

More Terracotta Warriors have been found in China, and the Telegraph has a photo gallery of the finds.

A looted Tang Dynasty sarcophagus of the empress Wu Huifei was returned to China. Looking at it's size in the photo, I'm amazed anyone managed to smuggle it out. 

For those interested in Crucifixion, some one's done some more research and issued a press release - here.

Sebastian Horsley, the British artist who had himself 'crucified' a few years back, has died.

The bones of the Holy Roman Empress Eadgyth, great-granddaughter of King Alfred, have been identified - this makes these the oldest remains of a British royal. 

Some think tank wants to bring back Latin as the second language taught in primary schools. (I am not enthusiastic about the idea).

They've found a linothorax at Pompeii. It's armour made out of reinforced linen, and David Meadows has the scoop here.

The Greeks have identified the spot those Kouroi were looted from, excavated the site, and found the missing bits of their legs.

And for those that love their pets, a new article has been added to Lacus Curtius on Greek and Roman pets - here.


  1. I think A.J. will be a magnificent Cleo! and I also understand why "some people" (very tactful btw of you stating it like that ;) are disappointed. Cleopatra is half myth and legend and half history. It is up to each of us to interpret how historical figures may have looked like. It's the essence of the actor who may pull it off or not. I just hope the production is well done, unlike that horrible movie "Alexander" with Colin Farrell, could have been wonderful. Thanks for all the fun tidbits, I always love to hear what you post.

  2. Yes, and also hope AJ avoids odd accents like her "Transylvanian" one that she put on in playing Alexander's mum. Alexander actually appeared well researched, but Colin Farell was gravely miscast in his roll. No one would believe he could convince an army to follow him to the ends of the earth. Hope they do better here with Caesar, Octavian and Mark Anthony. Don't know if Brad Pitt is up for Mark Anthony either, but I suppose casting him in that role would help sell tickets.


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