The Fall of Baghdad 1258

Today in 1258 Baghdad was lost by the Abbasids to Hulagu Khan and his Mongolian forces. During the sack of the city the Great Library and its books were destroyed, although in the long run the invasion led to a flourishing of learning under the Ilkhanid Dynasty.

Image from a copy from the 1430s of the
Jami al-tawarikh(Compendium of Chronicles)
by Rashid-al-Din Hamadani
now in the BNF, Paris


  1. Isn't this a bit of a non sequitur? As if the destruction of the Great Library and the sacking of the city is what led to the flourishing of learning 'over the long run'. We might as well applaud the burning of the Capital (including the Library of Congress) in Washington in 1814 because that led to so many good things.

    But not, I hope, the mess we see today.

  2. No it's not - but it sounds as if you're trying to be rude for the sake of it or to show off some intellect.

    The Ilkhanid Dynasty led to a Renaissance in Iraq, although in the short term the library was destroyed during the invasion. It's a series of events.


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