Climate Change: Another week, another retraction ...

An article about sea level rises has had to be retracted because of two major mistakes that impacted the conclusions.

Having read the article I found a further major fault with their research conclusions. Their very estimated rises in sea level are being called into question, but are in any case based on the false premise that temperatures are going up, so sea levels will rise x (insert guess) amount during the 21st century in tandem. As we now know from the recent UEA admissions, temperatures have not risen in the last 15 years. So if temperatures are not, nor have been, rising - then surely sea levels have not, and will not, either ...

I'm pro a clean environment and anti pollution, but all this phony research into 'Climate Change' is beginning to annoy me.



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  2. You might find this article from a blog at the Economist interesting.


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