Champagne Coupes Are Back?

Riedel have started making them again, and whilst flutes are better for serving champagne in the sense that the shape means that bubbles rise more slowly to the surface so preserve the 'essence' of the drinking experience ... There is something rather decadent and nicely retro about drinking champagne out of coupes. And who drinks champagne that slowly that one needs to preserve the bubbles for an hour?

I'd like some coupes, as I secretly want to build one of those pyramids of glasses one sees in old movies, then pour champagne into the top glass and see it cascade down ... (Yes, I am the girl who put her PhD to good use by trying to re-create the Ferrero Rocher pyramid from those infamous ads).

But the million dollar question is ... If champagne coupes were modelled on Marie Antoinette's breasts, then what were champagne flutes modelled on? Louis XIV's ...?

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  1. Presumably you meant Louis XVI.

  2. Yes, I did ... thank you for pointing that out - I'll correct it


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