Who Owns Torahs?

We're asking for them back from former Iron Curtain countries, on the grounds that they persecuted or killed Jews and then confiscated them ... but the State Department seems to be sending the Iraqi Jewish Archive (currently in Maryland) back to Iraq? Didn't Saddam persecute and kill the Jews until there were none left, then confiscate their belongings?

Anyway, this guy thinks that Torahs belong to Jews rather than their persecutors, and I applaud him for it.
However, I remain dubious about his methods, and many of his claims ... there was one about the 82nd Airborne helping him in a city they weren't it, etc.

Rabbi to the Rescue: Menachem Youlus is called the Indiana Jones of Torah recovery and restoration. But there are doubts about his thrilling tales - Washington Post

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