N.B.: New FTC Blogging Rules ...

So, the new rules come into effect today ...

After a lot of discussion (over the net, of course) about them, and a lot of confusion (does what if the blog is hosted in the US, but the blogger is not in the US?). And ... I got confused, thought they started a month or two back when they were announced, so decided not to blog the Montezuma exhibition at the British Museum (I loved the show, but having to declare a free ticket, a free coffee, and dating a close relative of the minister of culture sounded like far too many disclaimers ...) ... so this is what I think:

Whoever came up with the rules is a silly prat.

It's the norm in both academia and book reviewing to be sent free books. If book reviewers in newspapers don't have to declare free books, then why should bloggers. Having said that, I do buy a lot of books, but I have a lot of friends who give me copies of their books, and there are also publishers that have sent me copies of books to review for various publications or on this blog.

If anyone wants to send me a book or anything else, they can do so here:

Dr Dorothy Lobel King
P.O. Box 123
2 Old Brompton Road
London SW7 3DQ - UK

The idea that I'll be bribed by a free book is kinda ludicrous.

If you want to bribe me, try Harry Winston. Or My Amazon UK Wish List. Or Ellie's Wish List. Or cash, in small denomination unmarked bills would work too.

If I review a book, I'm sure that people are bright enough to work out that I was sent a copy - and even if I am sent a free copy and I hate the book, then I don't waste time on it.


  1. Which denomination? Reformed, Conservative, or Orthodox?

  2. Any denomination will do!

    And thank you to the people who have kindly emailed saying that they are sending me things. The post was tongue-in-cheek / irritated, but ...

    And yes, Ellie the Puppy is happy to endorse things she likes ...

  3. If publishers could send me shelf space instead of review books, I'd be sorely tempted to cheat!


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