Last Night: A Don's Life and Anne Connell

I've been a bit anti-social as I slowly get used to life in London again, but last night there were two events on that I didn't want to miss ...

Of prime interest to Classicists would be the Society of Antiquaries launch party for Mary Beard's new book It's a Don's Life (Amazon.co.uk; to be published later in the US). And in this photo with have the great Prof Beard herself (white shirt, back to Blackberry)

The book is based on Mary Beard's blog in the Times, but I highly recommend buying it in book form as that's a better was of reading it than online - think of it as a very clever, very intellectual lavatory book (toilet book for American readers).
Apologies for the slightly odd photo of William St. Clair, but I wanted to show how stary her fan club is!

Even Ellie, my puppy had a great time. And yes, I am turning into a mad woman who takes her dog everywhere, but she's a huge comfort to me (my grievance of the week is that I can have her as an Assistance Dog for PTSD in the US, but in the UK it's optional - so Waitrose won't let me have her in their store, but Tescos will ... go figure).

I was having tea with my favourite historian in the world - personally and professionally, as I think Adrian is wonderful as a person as well as a write - so I took Adrian Goldsworthy along too.

A dear friend, Stephen Ongpin, also held the opening of an exhibition last night ... so we went along to that too. Stephen normally deals in Old Master and 19th century drawings, but he is holding an exhibition of contemporary paintings. This is a new departure for him, but because he has such a great 'eye' ... the exhibition is amazing.

He took this photo of me, and the one below of Lara his amazing assistant (holding Ellie).

The paintings by Anne Connell are amazingly detailed, and inspired by 1400s Italian paintings. It's very difficult to describe them and do them justice, so instead of reading about them, if you're in London ... pop in and see them!
Stephen Ongpin Fine Art
Riverwide House
6 Mason's Yard
Duke Street, St. James's
London SW1Y 6BU


  1. Photocensorship, Dorothy? Willy St.Clair, Ellie your puppy, and even Lara=and-puppy are all blanks. Mary's back and the rest are crystal clear but it's really the pup I want to see :-).

  2. Glad to see you out and about! Keep up the interesting posts and fabulous pictures.

    Best wishes,

    Peter Tompa


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