Diplomat Smuggles Antiquities ....

It must have been a huge diplomatic bag because he had six tonnes of antiquities ....

Argentina's man in Tehran tried to ship home Persian treasures by the tonne
- The Guardian

I found this story via The History Blog, which I've only reading this summer, but I meant to give a shout-out to, as it's become one of my favorite blogs - The History Blog. I'm gonna be slow for a bit longer (I'm taking longer to sort out than I thought I would ...), so I hope it will keep you up to date with history and archaeology news until then.

For Women Warriors, don't forget Judith Weingarten's Zenobia Blog.
My book, Amazons at Arms, on women who led armies from Artemisia at the Battle of Salamis to Aisha (the widow of Mohammed) is slowly being written*, and I will continue to blog on the subject, but meanwhile take a look at that blog.

* = please go bother my agent about it, not me!

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  1. Thank you for the link and kind words. I shall do my utmost to keep things interesting while you work.

    Not to pile on the pressure or anything, but I'm looking forward to your book. I was just reading the other day about Bradamante from Ariosto's "Orlando Furioso" which got me thinking about all women warriors I know little about. When I hear the name Artemisia it's Gentileschi who springs to mind rather than her Halicarnassian namesake.


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