Book Review: It's A Don's Life

Following the new FTC rules about book reviews and blogging, I have to disclose that the publishers sent me a free copy of this book.
This is a new legal requirement, in case readers are worried that I was bribed by this 'gift' because I was not forced to shell out the £6.29 that Amazon.co.uk lists the book for: It's a Don's Life

Regular readers are probably familiar with Prof Beard's Blog at the Times - most probably read it. The book is based on the blog, and includes a selection of comments left on the posts from a variety of people, including me! Like Prof Beard herself - as I've said before, I want to be just like Mary Beard when I grow up! - the book is clever, witty, and brilliant. I recommend it to anyone with a passing interest in Classics, academia, or who simply wants to read some erudite short essays (which is what her blog posts essentially are).

Every year I chose a book to give to people for Christmas, and this year it will be this book - it's the perfect stocking filler!

Mary Beard, It's a Don's Life - Amazon.co.uk

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  1. I got one too--it made it all the way to California. Reading your blog a couple of years ago is how I learned of Prof. Beard's, so thank you very much.


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