The Battle of Pydna 168 BC

Third Macedonian War: Perseus Crushed at Pydna!
Sunday June 22, 2008
June 22, 168 BC - The Macedonian army under Perseus is crushed at the Battle of Pydna. In 168 BC, Roman forces led by Lucius Aemilius Paulus sought to bring King Perseus' Macedonian army to battle. Finding Perseus in a strong position near the River Elpeus, Paulus dispatched troops to flank the Macedonians. Arriving in their rear, the Romans were able to force Perseus to move to a plain near the village of Pydna. Forming for battle, the two sides clashed on June 22, 168 BC (traditional date). Initially the battle went poorly for the Romans as they were unable to penetrate the Macedonian phalanxes. As the fighting moved off the plain, gaps began appear in the Macedonian formations. These were exploited by the more flexible Roman legions which quickly began to cut the Macedonians down. With his formations disintegrating, Perseus fled the field and much of his remaining infantry was struck down. While the battle did not end the war, it effectively broke the back of Macedonian power.


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