The Fall of Constantinople

Byzantine Constantinople fell today in 1453, after a siege that had begun on the 5th of April.

This map is believed to date from the 1420, and be based on a now lost original dedicated to Cardinal Orsini. It's not quite an image of the last days of the city, since a new set of walls was begun in 1431 in a final, failed attempt to stave off the Ottoman conquest as they had done in 1422. The perspective is dodgy, buildings have been omitted to highlight the Byzantine monuments ... but it's the oldest map of the city, and will have to do.

Map of Constantinople
from the Liber insularum archipelagi (The Book of the Islands of the Archipelago)by Cristoforo Buondelmonti (ca. 1380/90–post-1430)
Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Venice (Ms. cod. Marc. lat. xiv, 25=4595, p. 123): [image]

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