Why Don't We Gas Holocaust Deniers?

I'm getting a little annoyed with the increase in Holocaust deniers - for example, the Fragrant Fascist, Michele 'Lady' Renouf (pictured left), who was featured in this article which I found via Prof. Deborah Lipstadt's blog:

Lady Michele Renouf: mistress of reinvention - The Australian
(only part of the article is available online at the newspaper's web site, but the rest of it has been transcribed here).

I know that most historians like to discuss ideas ad nauseam. I prefer to test them where possible. In the past, this has involved trudging through fields to work out if battles took place there, and if so how.

The main claim of Holocaust deniers, which 'backs up' their denial as it were, is that there were no gas chambers and that they did not work, so Jews could not have been killed, and therefore there was no Holocaust and it's all Jewish propaganda.

Quite a few concentration camps survive, as do the architectural blue prints.

My suggestion is, to conclusively settle the argument once and for all, that we invite all those who think that the Holocaust did not take place to gather for afternoon tea in one of these gas chambers. Then turn on the gas. If indeed the gas chambers do not work, the Holocaust deniers will have made their point and I promise never to 'pretend' that there was a Holocaust ever again. And if the gas chambers do work ... no loss.

This strikes me as a win-win situation for us all, and I invite Miss Renouf to take me up on the experiment.

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  1. I find it hard to believe that these people can be so stupid/delusional to think that something with such vast documentory evidence and indeed still some survivors didn't happen.

    A family friend, sadly dead, survived one of the camps because she was a hairdresser and did the officer's wives hair. She wasn't Jewish but saw what was going on.

    I wouldn't be quite so harsh but would suggest that they all be shipped to Tuvalu with the climate change deniers. That would sort two problems in one go.

    It would be quite interesting to hear the conversations between the two lots of deniers as the water level gradually got up to their necks.



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