Auschwitz Plans Go On Display

Auschwitz Blueprints Go on Display in Berlin - Spiegel:
The construction plans are dated 1941 and 1942 and include a gas chamber and a crematorium. More than a million people were murdered in Auschwitz. An estimated 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust.
This is the first time the blueprints are being displayed. They were found by chance in an apartment in Berlin last year. Historical experts from the German government archive and the Auschwitz memorial site confirmed their authenticity.

Berlin exhibition shows blueprints for Auschwitz - Reuters:
One sketch shows plans for a 10 by 11 meter room labeled "Gaskammer" or gas chamber, while another displays a large hall named "L-Keller," which experts say is probably an abbreviation for "Leichenkeller" or corpse cellar.

Rescued Auschwitz plans on show to shame deniers
- The Times:
The exhibition’s organiser, the Axel Springer publishing group, makes clear on the display boards that between 800,000 and 1,050,000 Jews were killed in Auschwitz, as well as 74,000 non-Jewish Poles, 25,000 Gypsies, 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war and 15,000 other inmates.

Photos from Spiegel.

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