Phoenicia vs. Pirates?

Last month, a replica Phoenician ship set sail through the Gulf of Pirates as part of its journey to circumnavigate Africa:

Phoenicia Departs Port Sudan for the 'Pirate Zone' - Sail World

So they came up with an Expedition piracy policy

And have just made it to the Yemen - tracker, blog, web site.

Phoenician ships were rated the highest in the Achaemenid navy, so this one should be able to whoop the pirates!

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  1. Thanks, so we did. 47 days at sea, almost out of food and water, but we did it. Salalah to Mayotte non stop. Check out the video at http://www.youtube.com/aventuracombr#p/a/u/0/0joOU4daZa0. All the best, Yuri Sanada


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