Metropolitan Museum 2 - Lord Renfrew 0

During the Cold War, as an attempt a d├ętente, there a race was organized between the US and the USSR. The American won. Next day, the Pravda headline read:
Russians Runners-up:
Americans Next to Last.
I often feel that way when dealing with cultural property, which can sometimes feel as if others are living in a parallel universe.

First SAFE announce that Colin Renfrew will verbally spank the Met in a lecture:
He will underline the significance of the recent decision of the Association of Art Museum Directors to follow the 1970 Rule and ask how long the Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum can maintain the policies that led them to acquire the notorious "Euphronios Vase."

Then Lee Rosenbaum points out that she had already posted the Met's new policy way back in early June:
Member museums normally should not acquire a work unless provenance research substantiates that the work was outside its country of probable modern discovery before 1970 or was legally exported from its probable country of modern discovery after 1970. The museum should promptly publish acquisitions of archaeological materials and ancient art, in print or electronic form, including in these publications an image of the work (or representative images in the case of groups of objects) and its provenance, thus making this information readily available to all interested parties....
The museum must post on the AAMD website, to be established, an image and the information about the work...and all facts relevant to the decision to acquire it, including its known provenance.

Most of us knew this before Easter.

But because the Metropolitan Museum of Art confirmed to her that:
Harold Holzer, the Met's senior vice president for external affairs, has now informed me that the Met will indeed adhere to AAMD's new, stricter standard.
... SAFE fans and cultural property bloggers are now heralding this as a great victory for Renfrew!

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