Temple Great Revolt Half-Shekel

The Seleucid coin found in the rubble from the Temple Mound was posted on Friday - as people keep pointing out, it dates from the time of the events that Hanukka celebrates.

This is a photo of the much rarer coin, dating to the first year of Great Revolt of the Jews against Rome (AD 66-67). It is silver, may well have been minted on the Temple Mound itself, and was designed to be used to pay the Temple Tax (Exodus 30:11-15). On the left you can see an image of a chalice that was kept within the Second Temple, and the legend indicating that it is a half Shekel. To the right, there is the inscription "Holy Jerusalem" around a branch with three pomegranates. The coin probably never left the Mound before, though surpringly it shows no signs of melting or fire damage.

Some 3,500 coins have been found in the rubble removed from the Temple Mound, but these are the most exciting so far.

Rare Coin from Hasmonean Rebellion Found in Temple Mount Rubble - Israel National News

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