Pirate Recipes: Molotov Cocktails

I love this story: Chinese ship uses Molotov cocktails to fight off Somali pirates - The Telegraph

There are a few 'secrets' to Molotov Cocktails:

a) do not use champagne bottles. I know they might look more elegant, but the glass is reinforced because of the gas in this wine, and won't break when thrown, a key part of the Molotov Experience. Use a bottle made of thin glass. Also do not use plastic bottles, as these do not break, and are not eco-friendly.

b) although the original Finnish design called for long storm matches as the ignition element, pre-soaked rags work better.

c) add a dash of laundry detergent; the cheaper the better, rather than name brands such as Daz.

And if you still get caught by pirates, follow the example of Julius Caesar.

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