Obamaphilia: The Year of Obama

As I look back on my year, Obama played a large part in it.

He lured me away from the Republicans with his promises of not sending women back to the kitchen, his vision of change.

Plus, how can one resist a man that publicly admits to eating arugula, the ancient equivalent of Viagra.

In February I got out the vote on Super Tuesday.

In April I wore Givenchy to one of his fund-raisers (thank you, LVMH).

After getting a number of long distance phone calls from the GOP about this, I outed myself, and was soon labeled an Obamacon by the great founder and chronicler of this new movement, Andrew Sullivan.

Sullivan was the first Obamacon, but as summer turned into fall, other Conservatives fell into line and signed up, notably Colin Powell.

Powell's endorsement led to a land-slide of Republican support by people who are now claiming that they were Obamacons all along, and why aren't they included in the Daily Kos list or the Wikipedia entry ... And all I can say is "nah, nah, nah" - if you believed in him, you should have stood up to be counted before it became a band wagon to jump on. Well all had wobbles at times - I a few 'friends' that no longer speak to me - but tall poppies ...

01/10/09 will be the historic start of West Wing Season 8, and I plan to spend a chunk of next month in DC and Chicago.

But as we look back on 2008, the Year of Obama, it is worth noting that not everyone thought he was The One. There were tales told in dark corners of the conservative media of liberals voting for McCain ....

And it's true. Yes, they existed. And here's one:

Liberals for Palin! - Vanessa Neumann