Cooking With Dorothy II

The post-Christmas special edition ...

Having a family Christmas? Can't decide whether you want to shoot someone or have a shot? Then this is for you!

The Shots Gun - Drink Stuff (UK)

I think these look fun, and they would double as cookie cutters ... but alas, someone emailed me the photo, so I have no idea where they come from.

Though I did find these on special - buy 4, pay for 3: Revolver Cookie Cutter, as part of their Western and MexicanTheme; and Pistol Cookie Cutter as part of their Pirates theme - Cake cookies and Craft Shop (UK).
Oh, and see their Medieval theme for axes and swords, which might work well with their Body Parts cookie cutters. They also do soldiers ...

It does what the photo shows, and shoots ketchup and mustard onto your hot dog.

Condiment Gun - Fire Box (UK).
Not available in the US.

It's a trivet in the shape of a man. And you can bury him under a hot pan. Pretty self explanatory.

Hotman Trivet - Perpetual Kid (US).

I'm sure that there are plenty jokes one could make about feeling like a mug / being a mug / etc., but it's too early in the morning, and I need a cup of coffee ...

Splat Stan coaster - Perpetual Kid (US)

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