Christmas Presents: Cooking With Dorothy

Looking for last minute Christmas presents? Or just looking to make your own cooking more fun? These are things I'd like from Santa ...

The Ouch VooDoo Toothpick holder.
I've given this to a few friends. Customised VooDoo dolls are available, for example one of Nicholas Sarkozy, but I prefer this one - it's solid plastic, firm enough to stab quite aggressively. Plus you can just sellotape or pin on a photo of anyone you like, and keep re-using it, making it ecological and economical.

Available pretty much everywhere, but: US seller; UK seller.

For those times when toothpicks aren't enough ....

The Ex Knife Block

This comes in other colors - black, red, silver - but Oscar gold works if you're pretending it's a Hollywood type ... Designed by Raffaele Iannello.

US seller; UK seller.

The Throwzini Knife Thrower Kitchen Set.

It has knives. It spins clockwise. Need one say more.

UK seller; US seller.

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