Beauty Products For Warriors

Magazines go on and on about men and their 'inner child' - but I prefer to nurture their 'inner warrior' ... whilst making sure that they shower regularly. So if you're looking for last minute Christmas presents, the Zirh Warrior Collection is available from Sephora (US). The Zirh web site also has a handy quiz to help you determine which Warrior you are.

Julius Caesar has a 'refreshing citrus scent' with almond extract to soften the skin. It's possible that Caesar picked up this shower gel from his uncle Marius, or it may be a Julii family secret. Possible side effects are: the desire to become Dictator, getting stabbed by your mistress' son. Does not prevent baldness.

If you prefer your generals the Greek way, then Alexander the Great has an 'empowering spicy wood scent' and contains olive extract which is apparently anti-ageing as well as moisturising. It keeps your skin in perfect condition until you reach Babylon and die at the age of 32 in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar.

For those that prefer their generals to be Christian emperors, I would recommend Charlemagne. This shower gel has a 'cooling icy scent' and uses 'chestnut seed extract' which is apparently a 'natural astringent' - so I guess the manufacturer decided that Charlemagne had a spotty back.

Think that mythical men are best? Like men who go off on long trips and leave you to your embroidery? Then Ulysses [Odysseus] is for you. Our hero came back from Troy with a 'light exotic scent' as a result of his encounter with Calypso. In addition he is well moisturised thanks to 'sesame extract'.

The range also includes Cyrus ... but with an image of Shapur II. Whoops.

Since I like to be inclusive, let's not forget Wode by Boudicca - already extensively covered here.

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