Presidents and Thanksgiving Turkeys

The Annual Pardoning of the Thanksgiving Turkey, courtesy of the White House. How do our presidents approach the pardon, an important part of our political procedure:

President Bush, like a true Texan, looks the 'condemned' turkey in the eye - and pardons him (2002)

The President shows that there are times when a firm hand is needed (2003)

Sometimes a firm hand around the neck is needed to make the turkey look one in the eye (2004)

His predecessor's approach was pat her behind, then turn away and pretend you don't know her. Or Monica (1999)

Reagan was an actor before he was a great Republican president - he knew never to work with animals or children, and he could laugh at being upstaged by a bird (1983)

President Ford is the only one who tried to get to know the turkey, showing that Republicans care about all Americans - human or fowl (1975)

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