Blondes vs. Brunettes - Old Boyfriends

I'm still slightly surprised by how differently I'm treated as a brunette.

What's far more amusing is how old boyfriends react.

One came over for supper. He stepped through the door, into my hallway, looked at me, looked around, and asked:
"have you changed the windows?"
I said: "no"
He said: "something looks different"
I didn't point out the obvious change, so he may still be puzzling over how my hallway has changed.

I had lunch with another old flame, who looked at me and said:
"Your hair's longer!"
Me, shaking head: "I just had it cut"
After a while I explained that the color was different. One could almost see the little Eureka light bulb go off over his head. The conclusion he reached was that my hair looked more "sophisticated" brown, but that he's preferred it blonde for other reasons.

Another male friend announced that I looked "very healthy" .... I have been ill, but that's an odd comment at the best of times.

I guess men don't always notice the obvious. Or maybe they really don't care about hair color.