The Tomb of General Marcus Nonius Macrinus

Lots of coverage of the 'real life Gladiator' angle yesterday. Today photos are coming out, and the tomb is certainly impressive. I'm not quite clear exactly where it was, but it seems to be along the Via Flaminia, north of Rome and close to the Tiber, since it was flooded by the river, preserving much of the structure. This area seems to be an important one, with a few great ancient generals buried north of Rome and near the Tiber according to literary sources.

Adrian Murdoch at Bread and Circuses has a great post about the previously known inscription concerning Nonius Macrinus - What do we know about Marcus Nonius Macrinus?

Adrian says the main inscription comes from a statue base in Ephesus - here - and whilst I'm tempted to write off many of the press claims (the most extensive article can be found here) .... A few more, very brief, inscriptions come from the area around Brescia, which suggests that he owned lands there.

Despite press reports, we know little about this great general - but the tomb inscription should provide us with plenty of information, being essentially an ancient CV.

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