Just How Nuts Cultural Property is Getting as a Field.

I love the following response to my post earlier today - "The US Army and Cultural Property" - where I pointed out that most US soldiers behave well, and that it was official Pentagon policy NOT to loot, and that it says so in the official military field manual:

rosebudrmm said ...

Seriously? I am actually quite appalled by what you are saying. Yes, these men are putting their lives at risk but that gives them the right to steal? It is nonsensical - the two are completely unrelated.

When people cannot grasp a basic fact [Pentagon = against destroying cultural property and against looting], the field is in serious trouble. I have no idea who rosebudrmm is, but it pretty much reflects a great deal of the comments I have heard from academics. Army in Iraq = army must be looting, because well soldiers just have to be barbarians - and if you repeat that lie enough times, people will believe it.

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