Palermo Fragment of Parthenon Moves to Athens

I was away when this was announced, though there has been talk of returning this piece to Greece for quite a while - it was acquired by a British collector locally from Elgin, and given to Palermo Museum. The director of the museum, as well as the local population, were furious when the Italian Prime Minister agreed to give the piece to Greece in exchange, as I recall, for a shield dedicated by Hieron at Olympia. The 'solution' seems to be for Palermo to loan the fragment to Athens permanently - so the only change is a semantic one.

The fragment represents the lower leg and foot of Artemis, and comes from the East end of the Parthenon frieze. As I covered in my book, The Elgin Marbles, originally the Greeks were claiming that it was Peitho - or 'Persuasion' - and saying that they hoped the return would 'persuade' the British Museum to return the Elgin Marbles ... so it's good to see that they have now studied the frieze well enough to be able to identify the figures on it.

Italy returns piece of Parthenon Marbles to Greece - NY Times.
A video can be found here.

[photos; AFP top, bottom Reuters]

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