Mythical Monsters

This site - that I discovered thanks to David Meadows - has a great selection of Ancient Monsters on Ancient Coins.
This Pegasus comes from Illyria.

I was reminded of it when I saw this two-headed turtle in the Daily Mail.

I doubt that any horses were ever born with wings ... but given how surprising we still find the odd biological oddities born today, one has to wonder how much more shocking the ancients would have found them.

Some Roman generals made use of unusual traits in animals. White horses, for example, were very rare - so when Caesar used four of them to draw his chariot in the Triumph, this was both visually dramatic, and marked him as setting himself up as another Camillus, who had done the same. Marius may also have had white horses for his second triumph, although the evidence is rather slight. Sertorius kept a white fawn in Spain. If whiteness in an animal was seen as being so special, imagine what an impact a two-headed turtle would have made,

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