Exciting New Macedonian Finds

The recently announced finds from Pella in particular are very exciting, so I'm posting all the photos from the Daily Mail story.

Greek dig unearths secrets of Alexander the Great's golden era - Daily Mail.

The Archaic helmets excavated at Pella:

Also, having seen some of the other blog coverage ... I seem to have to point out the obvious about the reconstruction in the first photo. The gold foil is funerary, and used to cover the face and embellish the helmet at the time of burial - the warrior was buried this way, but would not have gone into battle with the gold bits, 'coz that would have meant that he could not see. In the words of Homer Simpson - Doh! Similarly the gold eye covers in the second photo were also funerary, and not martial ...

Twenty warriors were excavated in the cemetery out of a total of 43 graves; they ranged in date from 650 to 279 BC (the date is not clarified in the article, but presumably there is a destruction layer linked to the invasion by Brennus and the Gauls?). The high number of military graves - identified by swords and daggers, as well as armour - shows that Macedonia was a military society along Spartan lines.

Jewellery from a woman's tomb - which I think is shown in situ in the photo below. This is one of 11 tombs of women found there dating to the Archaic period.

So we have 43 graves, of which 20 are warriors of assorted dates, 11 are Archaic women - and the rest are ... well the article hints that there were signsof trade as early as the seventh century BC, so I presume they also found imported items.

A cemetery uncovered in northern Thessaloniki during metro construction: (these have nothing to do with the article, but when you have good photos you might as well post them).

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