Archaeology and Climate Change

I've always been very pro-environment - I would rather live on a planet where the seas are clean, and the air is not polluted. But I have been increasingly skeptical of 'Global Warming' - yes, the climate is changing, but ... well it seems to have been changing for thousands of years, and climate is clearly cyclical. Adding 'environmental' or 'climate' to the title of a grant applications seems to have become a sure way to get funding, so we keep reading studies claiming that, the Tang / Maya / insert civilization of your choice died out because of climate change ...

The climate changing in the desert led to some people settling by the Nile, farming and starting civilization in Egypt.

This recent story of discoveries in the Alps is clear proof that Europe was warmer then, and that people lived at higher altitudes:
Alpine melt reveals ancient life - BBC

Before that we had a story about archaeological proof of Vikings having farmed Greenland in areas that are now too cold to farm.

Obviously nobody is for pollution or destroying the planet with chemicals, but it seems that we should accept that climate is cyclical and has always been changing. And if temperatures are now rising slightly because we are coming out of a mini Ice Age, then surely that's not a bad thing.

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