Rome Reborn Before The Renaissance

There is an exhibition in Rimini on the rediscovery of Rome and ancient culture before the Renaissance:
Exempla: The Rebirth of the Antique in Italian Art, From Frederick II to Andrea Pisano
Castel Sismondo, until Sept. 7.
Exhibition web site.

Frederick II's domains included Apulia, so a section of the exhibition covers the region; his links to antiquity are clarified with loans from the archaeological museum in Naples.

We tend to think of the Romans and Florentines as being the ones who re-discovered Antiquity and created the Renaissance - because Roman has so many ruins, and Florence hosted the Council of Florence. In fact, if you read Vasari it's clear that the first collectors of ancient sculpture were the Venetians, who not only excavated locally, but also brought material back from formerly Byzantine lands they took over after the 1204 Crusade. Since the material was on hand, their artists naturally studied it.

Under Frederick II, the first rebirth of Roman culture - IHT

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