The Firman - An Overview

These photos are just designed to be an overview, so that people can 'see' the Firman. If you click on them, the text is more or less legible. I will of course post close-ups so that everyone has an opportunity to read the Firman, as the British Museum wishes them to be able to.

A quick note on Copyright - The Pisani who wrote the Fiman is long dead, so he no longer has copyright. Thanks to the past nonsense from Old Blue Eyes, a couple of the descendants of the last Sultan have told me that they have no problems with my reproducing the Firman. This blog is hosted in the US, and I recognise Bridgeman v. Corel - so in my humble non-legal opinion I cannot hold copyright of these photos, since they lack the requisite originality (see The Art Law Blog for more on the Decision). Feel free to click on them to enlarge them, and distribute them - if you'd like to credit me, that would be nice, but I won't worry if you don't.

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