Recipes: Troisgros Iced Tea

Troisgros is one of the most amazing restaurants in the world - Michelin have given it three stars, and Steve Plotnicki's new Opinionated About guide. It's in Roanne, west of Lyons, and miles from anywhere, but my dear mother took me to celebrate my birthday, and if you're in the area do go (but be warned, though the food is out of this world, so are the prices). Dinner was too many course, and breakfast almost as many. The photo shows the kitchen, which is unusual in having windows onto the world - or at least the garden - rather than being tucked into a dark basement. Steve is always happy to pull out his camera, but I'm a little shyer in restaurants. I am however happy to share their recipe for the best iced tea I have ever had.

Troisgros Iced Tea

Brew one liter of not too strong Earl Grey tea. Whilst it is still warm, add 100 ml of sugar, one star aniseed, half a stick of cinnamon and 12 g of grated fresh ginger. Put it in the fridge and allow it to infuse overnight. The next day sieve the tea, and acidulate by adding a few drops of lime juice, then pour into a carafe. They serve chilled it with few julienne strips of apple, thin slices of orange and lime. Couldn't be easier, but tastes delicious.

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