Obamacons: Who's Who

Having spoken to some of my conservative friends, I know that quite a few like Senator Obama, and favor him for the presidency (I use the term favor, as the bottom line is that whilst most of us are heavily inclined to vote for him, this is my no means a done deal for all conservative fans).

Bruce Bartlett has gathered a number of outed Obamacons in an article for the next edition of The New Republic:
Mr. Right?: the rise of the Obamacons - TNR.

There are many more out there still in the closet, but this seems to be a good selection to start with, and the main Obamacons from Bruce Bartlett's article are:

The Crown Prince of the movement must be Andrew Sullivan - he covers Obama on his blog, named us, and wrote a great article:
Goodbye to All That: Why Obama Matters - The Atlantic.

Our martyr is Douglas Kmiec, the great legal scholar who was denied Communion for his article: Endorsing Obama - Slate.
He followed this with: The Endorsement Follows the Covenant—Why I Endorse Sen. Obama - Slate.

David Friedman (son of Milton) prefers Obama to McCain.

Scott Flanders ("CEO of Freedom Communications--the company that owns The Orange County Register") should be pro Senator McCain, but favors Senator Obama.

Megan McArdle has been voicing support for Obama on her blog, endorsing him on Super Tuesday.

Francis Fukuyama is a reluctant supporter, but none the less backs Obama.

Andrew J. Bacevich of BU, and West Point graduate, wrote an article in support of Senator Obama: The Right Choice? The conservative case for Obama - The American Conservative.

Jeffrey Hart and Wick Allison of The National Review both like Obama. Hart seems him as a redeemer with practical solutions.

Susan Eisenhower, grand-daughter of the Republican President and great general, has also explained: Why I'm Backing Obama - WP.

Lawrence A. Hunter - of 'the Contract with America' - is not keen on Obama's tax ideas, but prefers him to the corpse of the GOP.

Bruce Bartlett, author of Impostor, ex various Republican administrations ... is not endorsing Obama, but is not a exactly pro the GOP. He does seem to be playing Polybius to our Scipio Aemilianus, and chronicling the rise of the Obamacoms - who in this analogy would be the populares of the Gracchi and Marius, fighting the optimates?

Some archaeologist called Dorothy King, who should probably not be included in such illustrious company, also likes Senator Obama. I have already noted that I am happy to be labelled an Obamacon.

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