Mont Sainte Victoire

I drive past the Mont Sainte-Victoire regularly in France, but have never managed to take a good photo of it whizzing down the motorway - so this Cézanne in the Met will have to do.

The mount itself is named the Mountain of Victory for Marius' victory against the Germans at the Battle of Aquae Sextiae (102 BC):

"Once the Teutons who came from the remote shores of the German Ocean overran all parts of Gaul, and it was only when they had cut to pieces several Roman armies that Marius at last defeated them in an encounter at Aquæ Sextiæ."
Jerome, Letter CXXIII To Ageruchia, 8.
Jerome used the actions of the German women after the battle as an example, and part of his arguments to Ageruchi not to re-marry, continuing:

"By the conditions of the surrender three hundred of their married women were to be handed over to the Romans. When the Teuton matrons heard of this stipulation they first begged the consul that they might be set apart to minister in the temples of Ceres and Venus; and then when they failed to obtain their request and were removed by the lictors, they slew their little children and next morning were all found dead in each other’s arms having strangled themselves in the night. [8]
"Shall then a highborn lady do what these barbarian women refused to do even as prisoners of war?" [9]
The Christians tried to re-named the mount for Sainte-Venture, but the name never took, and it is now called by a corruption of the two.

Today the Mount is still linked to old soldiers. Most have forgotten its association with Marius and his legions, but it remains the home of a band of retired French Foreign Legionnaires. There they tend a vineyard on the slopes of the Mount, whose fruits they have bottled as Esprit the Corp. Charles Bremner has written a post about their venture:
French Foreign legion sells wine.

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