DIY Roman Soldier

A few people have kindly send me links to various "print-out, cut-up, and make your own" Roman soldiers, and these seem to be the best ones.

I honestly don't think that they will be much more effective in trying to recreate Marius' Battles than Lego, but they are fun. I do meet the odd general. Whilst they all volunteer to help me with Marius, for some reason they won't lend me a real army to try to recreate the battles.

These need to be printed out together, and all three sheets go towards making one soldier. This image, and the one above, come via Documentales del Mundo.

This seems to be the original site, and if you click here, you will get the 'body' of the soldier as a printable PDF file. (I couldn't find the rest of his uniform on the site).

I thought that I should add some Roman ladies, but couldn't find any. One of Marius' major military strategies - picked up from Scipio Aemelianus at Numantia - was to rid his army of the hangers on. No women - whether professional or amateur - were allowed.
The best I could come up with were these Ancient Greek Costumes Paper Dolls (History of Costume), which could would work for Jugurtha's court, since the Numidian was after all more a Hellenistic prince than the barbarian too often portrayed. And he seems to have brought priests, ladies and part of his court with him when he fought Marius. Partly it was to make the men focus on the fighting, partly to speed up progress of the military train - one can march faster without women dragging the rear.
If I were recreating the career of Marius' nephew - that chap Julius Caesar, who was also not bad as a general - I'd have more choice. Both Cleopatra Paper Doll (Paper Dolls) and more generic Ancient Egyptian Costumes Paper Dolls (History of Costume) are available.

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