The Farmers' Market

The market at the Duke of York's Square, outside Partridges off Sloane Square, is technically not a Farmers' market, just a good food market for those who can't face the crowds at Borough Market on a Saturday ... a lot of the same people have stands there. I love the Portuguese chorizo and Pastéis de Nata(Portuguese Custard Tarts) from Rainha Santa.

At my real Farmers' Market, this is a funny time of year as we still have the more wintery vegetables, but not yet - despite the sunshine - summer fruits. So last week-end I picked up black bacon lardons, white cabbage, and a bunch of sorrel. Sorrel can be used to make a sauce for salmon fish cakes - if you want to be more traditional. Or I just throw it in a wok, add a little garlic and some oyster sauce ... and one has a delicious dish in minutes.

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