The Purrrfect Diet ...

Now that Fifi the cat is officially Dr. Phaedria MacKenzie, she has decided that she can finally share her nutritional advice with the world. Today's suggestion is don't eat pain au chocolat for breakfast. Not even freshly baked little mini ones. Give them to the cats instead.

If you don't want to give them away, at least try to fight the cats for them - as illustrated by today's breakfast photos - at least it's a tiny little bit of exercise ....

I added multiple shots to show that the photos were not staged or trick photography - CC couldn't believe what the cat eats.

Tongue hoovering up every crumb. Not so much fun when that tongue tries to 'kiss' me good morning ...

Disclaimer - although the cat illustrated is ginger and has a Scottish surname, and its PhD is a joke (awarded by a non-accredited educational institution, unaware that the recipient was a cat) ... This post is not intended to be taken as medical advice, and is for entertainment purposes only.
However, if any readers would like their own "Fraudulent or substandard degree" I'd be delighted to award them one from the all-new Institute of Feline Analysis and Re-Training (F.A.R.T.) - unlike some other colleges, use of F.A.R.T. degrees has not yet been banned by US states such as Texas or Oregon.

Update - unfortunately my brother could not take the cats back, and I developed allergies to them whilst ill, so after extensive interviews we found them a new home where they are blissfully happy.

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