Mo' Mohammed

Mohammed meets David and Solomon during his Ascension in this image which illustrated a book about that event - Mîr Haydar's Mirâdj nâmeh - created in Herat in 1436.

As with many Afghan manuscripts the blue is particularly bright due to the local availability of lapiz lazuli. The flames around the three Prophets are in gold, but all have their faces fully depicted - this was not the norm in the region later, but there are other early examples of Mohammed with a 'portrait'.

King David was a bit of a naughty boy in the Bible, and there were great debates in Islam about whether or not he was really a Prophet due to some of his amorous exploits with Bathsheba. Actually this is all beginging to sound too familiar, so I suspect that I might have used this image already ...

BNF, Manuscrits, suppl. turc 190 f. 19

Update - whoops, I used it here before with a slightly better / different commentary.

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