Afghanistan Rediscovered: Misc

I'll be doing a few posts of items from the Guimet exhibition which did not fit into the other categories. These are assorted miscellaneous items from Aï Khanoum.

Lower element of the foot from a piece of furniture
Aï Khanoum, Sanctuary of the temple with indented niches
3rd century BC
13.8 cm
Musée National d’Afghanistan - MK 05.42.583

Indian Plaque
Aï Khanoum, Palace Treasury
3rd century BC
Shell (Xancus pyrum), colored glass and gold leaf
Ø 20.5 cm
Musée National d’Afghanistan - MK 05.42.25

Equatorial sundial
Aï Khanoum, Gymnasium
3rd century BC
44.6 x 34.3 cm
Musée National d’Afghanistan - MK 05.42.55

All photographs © Thierry Ollivier / musée Guimet

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