Mohammed is Back

I'm not sure if he'll be back daily or not, but he's been away for far too long ...

Mohammed and the Idols at Mecca

Like Moses before him, Mohammed was not a fan of idols nor was he thrilled to find them at Mecca. So he destroyed them after his military victory at Badr over the Meccans. Interestingly he kept the images of Mary and Jesus, although those ones were later removed - Jesus was a Prophet, so allowed by Islam, although of course his image could not be 'worshipped'. I love the way the broken idols are shown around the edges, a great depiction of iconoclasm.

Mohammed is not depicted in this manuscript, but is instead represented by a large flame. Kashmir was rather conservative in this way. He is shown to the left, and also to the right (an important follower is also represented as a flame).

From Bâzil's Life of Mohammed (Hamla-i haydarî), created in Kashmir in 1808. BNF

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