The Bactrian Gold VI

A few more items from Afghanistan currently on show at the Guimet in Paris. The show is made up of items which were hidden in a bank vault in Kabul, rather than the items which were in Switzerland.

Tillia tepe, tomb IV
1st century
Ø 23.0 cm ; Ht. 4.0 cm
Musée National d’Afghanistan – MK 04.40.381

Pectoral decorated with a cameo of a man in a Bactrian-style helmet
Tillia tepe, tomb IV1st century
Gold and semi-precious stone
Ø 21.0 cm
Musée National d’Afghanistan – MK 04.40.378

Dagger with gold handle decorated with a scene of animals fighting
Tillia tepe, tombe IV
1st century
Iron, gold and turquoise
37.5 cm
Musée National d’Afghanistan – MK 04.40.387

All photos - © Thierry Ollivier / musée Guimet

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